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Biology Video Lecture

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                     Natural Selection                                      Speciation 

                    Mutations and Artificial Selection            Modes of Natural Selection

                    Genetic Drift                                               Microevolution

                    Speciation and Extinction                         Selection

                    Hardy-Weinberg Equation                        Solving H-W Equations

                    The Heterozygote advantage                   Sexual selection


                   Evidence for evolution                             and Evolution continues

                  Origin of life                                               Abiogenesis

                  Coevolution                                               Stickleback evolution

                  Phylogenies                                               Clades

                  Taxonomy                                                  Six kingdoms of living organisms                     

Chemistry of Life/Biomolecules/Enzymes

               Water and life                                     Water a polar molecule

               Polymers                                            Molecules of life                                  

               Carbohydrates                                   Lipids   

               Proteins                                              Nucleic acids 

               Enzymes                                            ATP  

               Life requires free energy                   Gibbs free energy 

              Using Gibbs free energy                    .Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism I

              Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism II

Cellular Energy

              Cellular Respiration                          Photosynthesis

              Anaerobic respiration                       Importance of oxygen 

              Photosynthesis lab
Acids bases and pH

redox reactions

Cells and Cell Signaling

              Cells and the Microscope part I         Cells and the microscope part II

              Pre-AP cells and the microscope part II         

              Pre-AP Cells and the microscope part III       Nucleus and Ribosomes

              ER and Golgi apparatus                    Lysosomes, peroxisomes, vacuoles, vesicles

              Cytoskeleton                                      Cell Junctions

              Mitochondria and Chloroplasts          Cell Transport part I

              Cell Transport part II                         A Tour of the Cell 

              Cell Communication                          Cell Membranes      

                Compartmentalization                          Cellular Specialization

                Endosymbiosis                                  Evolution of cell communication

                Water Potential                                  Signal transduction pathways  

                Viruses part II                                           Viruses part I

                Effects of changes in pathways     

                Viruses Bozeman                                    Viral Replication                                                   

              Transport across cell membranes       

Cell communication prezi

DNA, Replication, Cell Cycle, Meiosis, Mitosis, and Protein Synthesis

              DNA and RNA Part I                             DNA and RNA Part II                         

              What is DNA                                              DNA Replication

              Cell Cycle Mitosis and Meiosis               What are Chromosomes

              Transcription and Translation                The Secret of Life

              Central dogma                                          Mitosis

              Cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis

              Phases of mitosis                                    Phases of meiosis

              Cancer, what is is

              Haploid vs diploid                                   Meselson and stahl

              Cell division           


Mendelian genetics

Beginners Guide to Punnett Squares

Advanced Genetics

Chromosomal Genetics

Chromosomal Inheritance

Gene Regulation


Genetic Recombination and gene Mapping

Genotype Expression

Genotypes and Phenotypes

Linked Genes

Mechanisms Increasing Genetic Variability


Molecular Biology

Probability in Genetics

The Operon


Regulation of Gene Expression


Bozeman Transformation lab

Chromosomal Abnormalities

Body Systems

                Introduction to the Nervous System          The Neuron Part I

               The Neuron Part II                                         What Happens at a Synapse

               The Central Nervous System                      Sensory System 

             Digestion Part I                                             Digestion Part II

              The Immune System Part I                           The Immune System Part II

            Positive and Negative feedback loops      The Endocrine system

            Homeostatic loops                                    Plant and animal defense

            Fight or Flight response                            Sensory system   

           Bozeman nervous system                                  

           Bozeman Immune System

           Mechanisms of timing and control

            Response to external Environment    Homeostatic disruptions

           Homeostatic evolution                       


               Plant Transport and Tissues                        Plant Reproduction and Hormones

               Plant Tropisms and Photoperiods    


            Introduction to Ecology and symbiotic relationships

Food chains food webs and trophic levels

Roles of species in ecosystems

Importance of Biodiversity

Weather climate and biomes

Rain forest, deciduous forest and grasslands

Deserts and coniferous forests

Water and carbon cycles

Nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus cycles

Freshwater Ecosystems

Saltwater Ecosystems

Succession part I

Succession Part II

Biomes and levels of organization 

Evolution and Biodiversity

Logistic growth

Exponential growth

R and K selection

Population modeling

Animal Behavior

Biogeochemical cycles