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Introduction to AP Environmental Science

Introduction to APES Part I

Introduction to APES Part II

Environmental Systems

Population Ecology and Human Populations

The History of Human Population Growth

Population Growth

Factors Effecting Human Population Growth


Population Pyramids

Environmental Impact of the Human Population

Ecology and the Living World

Introduction to Ecology and Symbiotic Relationships

Food Webs, Food Chains, and Trophic Levels

Evolution of Biodiversity

Importance of Biodiversity

Roles of Species in Ecosystems

Biogeochemical Cycles, Hydrological and Carbon cycles

Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Sulfur

Ecological succession part I

Ecological succession part II

Climate, weather, and Biomes  

Deserts and Coniferous Forests

Rain Forest, Deciduous Forest, and Grasslands

Human Impacts on Terrestrial Biomes 

Introduction to Aquatic Ecosystems

Freshwater Ecosystems

Saltwater Ecosystems

Water Usage

Water Purification and Conservation

Water Pollution and Human Impact

Water Management: Dams, Reservoirs, and more


Soil Formation and Properties

Soil Horizons

Soil Erosion

Soil Nutrients and Sustainability


Forestry and Rangelands


Land use


Soil Dynamics

Food and Pesticide Use


Protecting Food Resources and Pesticides

Pros and Cons of Pesticide Use and LD-50

Laws Governing Pesticides

Alternatives to Pesticides

Disease in Developed versus Developing Countries



Recycled Items

Waste Management

Nonrenewable Resources

Geology, Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle

Nonrenewable Resources and Mining


Energy Resources, Oil and Natural Gas

Solar Energy

Wind, Biomass, Geothermal, and Water Energy Sources

Nuclear Energy and Improving Energy Efficiency 

Alternative Fuels


Water Pollution

Water Pollution Problems in Lakes and Streams

Ground Water and ocean Pollution

Managing Water Pollution

Primary and Secondary Air Pollutants

Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

Climate Change

Climate and Weather Review

The Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming

Solutions to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bozeman Greenhouse effect​

APES Review Link and Bozeman Videos for APES

Click here for APES review videos

Air pollution

Stratospheric ozone

Global climate change

Greenhouse effect

Water Resources


The atmosphere

Soil and soil dynamics

Human population size

Human population dynamics

Human population impacts


Forestry and range lands

Land use



Environmental economics

Energy concepts

Energy consumption

Fossil fuel resources

Nuclear energy

Hydroelectric power

energy reduction

Renewable energy

Water pollution

Solid waste

Health impacts of pollution

Loss of biodiversity

Environmental systems

Ecosystem ecology