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Ice climbing 
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Greetings my name is Heidi Butcher aka "The Queen Nerdling" as my students call me.  I am the Biology II Advanced and Honors biology I teacher at Emery Weiner School.  I was an AP biology and AP Environmental science teacher at Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena Texas, as well as the sponsor of our National Honor Society, director of Academic UIL, new teacher mentor, AP Global Challenge sponsor, ran the Science Academic Pals after school tutorial program, and coached the science, computer science, and computer applications teams. 
    When I am not working on something with my nerdlings (which isn't very often) I enjoy kickboxing, and yoga as well as attending various professional developments.  I have a love for adventure in the great outdoors.  In the past few years I have climbed the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, summited mountains in Iceland and seen the beautiful fjords of Norway.  I have also attended a two-week molecular biology course at Princeton University, and numerous week long AP biology trainings at Rice University.  
Skippering the Kiko Rangi research vessel in Kaikoura, New Zealand while working as part of the Dusky Dolphin Research Team.
Queen Nerdlings CV/Resume
Top of my glacier trek in Rosendal, Norway